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Emile Crichton - 10 Mar, 2020

They discussed the topic for a few more minutes. After they finished covering that topic, Cindy started the story of the radio control games and how they lead to her blond hair and new, heavier makeup.

Robin was even more surprised by that. "I never allowed him to do that to me charlie cooper fat model porn movies."

Cindy thought she detected a combination of envy and sorrow in Robin's statement.

She then used the Ellen example, to explain how she got roped into the game, and they both laughed about the sex shop and the big butt plug escapade.

Robin, like Cindy, grew upset upon hearing about the punishment in the nail salon, and she cursed Steve for the pain he caused.

In the end, though she admitted that she loved the sexy new nails that Cindy now sported. She even seemed to be captivated by some of Cindy's complaints over how difficult they made her every-day chores.

Robin wasn't surprised by Steve's moves, in getting Cindy to go blond. He had always encouraged her to go lighter. He loved blonds. And she testified that the heavier make-up was also something that he loved in his women.

As they were finishing their food, Cindy finally voiced her concern, "Robin, this has been a lot of fun, scary at times, but I have to admit it has all been a turn on."

"Except for the punishment, of course," Robin chimed in.

"Yes, except for that. But I'm just not sure how far this new game is going to go. Where is it going to lead."

Cindy stopped to take a drink of her coffee, and Robin could see that her friend was getting upset.

"I admit that it's exciting to just turn myself over to his orders, when he whispers in my ear. If I don't think and just do what he says, I don't have to take responsibility for my actions. I can be as sluttish as he wants me to be, and enjoy it, too. But where will it all take me; us? It scares me that he may have even more erotic things in store. Things that could push me over the edge. Wherever that may be."

By the time she stopped, Cindy was crying, softly.

Robin shifted her chair so she could hug her friend, tightly.

"Cindy, you know I love you," she whispered, "You know I'll help you if he ever tries to go too far. You just have to resist the urge to just go with the flow."

Robin let Cindy go, and looked her in the eyes, "I'm afraid that he will, someday, push you too far, like he did with me. When that happens, just call me. Please. Don't hesitate, don't put up with it. OK?"

Cindy, feeling a little better, just nodded a she pulled out a tissue to wipe her eyes.

Looking at the paper, when she finished, she realized that it was covered in eye makeup.

"Oh my god! I must look terrible," she said, as she jumped up and headed to the Lady's room to fix things.

Robin giggled and shook her head as she watched Cindy scurry off, her thigh bands restricting her stride, as they always did.

She was worried about her friend. She had grown to consider Cindy to be her best friend, and she loved her like a sister, or perhaps a little something more.

When Cindy returned, looking sexy as ever, they payed-up and headed out to their cars, as it was getting pretty late.

"We never talked about your trip!" Cindy said, apologetically.

Robin laughed, "your trip was much more interesting and exciting. We can talk about mine, next week. See you then."

They hugged and kissed next to Cindy's car, before parting.

On the drive home, Cindy felt both frightened and relieved. Whatever was next, she knew that she could rely on Robin to help her survive it.

Over the next several days, Cindy refused to play the radio control game, despite Steve's requests. Although he was obviously disappointed and a little frustrated, he didn't force the issue.

As a result, the rest of the weak and the weekend were fairly tame, for her and for him.

The belt, of course behaved as program 29 dictated. Cindy enjoyed the random orgasms it gave her and wore the thigh bands constantly, except while she was in the office.

Her friends and colleagues at the office adjusted to her new look and wrote it off to her relationship with her controlling, sex-crazed boyfriend.

Steve was really enjoying it all. He unlocked her at night for sex and put her back into the belt, afterwards.

He also made her continue with her periodic practice with the cursed ballet boots. She even spent Saturday night sleeping with them laced on. By morning her legs were so cramped she had to crawl to the bathroom on her hands and knees. As she finally got to the bathroom door, she realized that he was awake and had been watching her from the bed, smiling. She was frustrated and humiliated, and let him have it!

"I don't find this the least bit funny! These things are much more painful and troublesome than sexy. Get them off me!"

He finally jumped out of bed and, right there on the floor, he unlaced the things, and massaged some of the ache out of her legs. Eventually she pushed him away, still angry, and moved into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

Steve had coffee and breakfast waiting for her when she finally came out. It made her feel a little better.

Apart from that incident, Cindy really enjoyed the weekend. All of it, out of the belt and in her favorite latex. They even took a road trip to a quaint lake-side town, popular with tourists, with Cindy in her body suit, with a very short skirt and her tallest heels.

It was a great change of pace and they both enjoyed themselves, immensely.

Cindy sighed as Steve locked her back into the chastity belt on Monday morning. She did get a sexual charge out of wearing the thing, though perhaps not as much of a high as Steve did, but she did prefer wearing the latex outfits. It was her biggest fetish.

She drove to work, in the bands, feeling pretty good about her, ever so kinky, life.

That evening, Steve told her that he had made a Tuesday-evening appointment for her at a salon, to get eyelash extensions.

"I think they'll make your eyes look larger and sexier, live nude sex cam " he said.

When she started to argue, he cut her off. "Cindy let's just do this. Please don't fight me on it. You know they'll only be temporary."

Despite her initial reaction, Cindy was looking forward to the, so called permanent lashes. She'd never been a big fan of false eyelashes; she'd always considered them to be too finnicky to be worth the effort. Her new makeup look, though, required them, and with her long nails, they were really difficult. She'd never wanted to spend the money for the salon treatments, but now they might be worth it.

"OK," she said. "If you insist," smiling.

"I do, I do" he said, happily smiling back. "I'll meet you here and we'll head over there right after work."

Cindy spent a normal day at work. The belt interrupted her only twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Both orgasms were as enjoyable as ever, but the arousal mode sessions afterwards were still too strong to be easily ignored. She found she had to work extra hard to make up for her lack of concentration during those periods.

She was also distracted by the anticipation over tonight's appointment.

After work, she quickly slid her legs into the thigh-bands, secured them in place and drove home.

Cindy was excited when she arrived at the house, to be met by Steve, waiting impatiently.

A soon as she was in the door, he started in.

"Come on, let's get you ready, we only have a few minutes."

"OK, OK, I'm ready, let's go," she said, annoyed buy his attitude.

"No, you're not," he said, as he started unbuttoning her blouse.


He pointed to the larger collar, sitting on the nearby table.

Cindy sighed, exasperated, realizing that he wanted her in the more embarrassing accessory, for her time at the salon. But then she noticed the radio unit and its ear-buds, sitting next to the collar.

"Oh, come on Steve, that won't be necessary. I already agreed to the extensions."

He just kept going, stripping off her blouse and unplugging her shorter collar.

"It's part of the game."

Cindy just stood there, annoyed, as he locked the taller collar around her throat.

"Hair, please," he asked. So, Cindy reached up and held her hair out of the way as he and affixed the radio unit where it fit at the back of the collar. He then delicately inserted the little speakers into her ears.

"There, now we're ready to go."

As Steve drove, Cindy sat quietly, stewing. She wasn't happy about Steve's insistence that she wear the controlling ear phones. She didn't understand why he wanted to use them for this trip. It made her nervous.

When they arrived, she walked in and checked in at the front desk. A technician retrieved her and brought her back to a booth.

Once Cindy was seated in the chair, the woman looked at the appointment paperwork.

"OK, it says here that you'd like permanent extensions. What are you thinking?"

Steve, who'd obviously done his homework, immediately started feeding Cindy her lines. "Tell her, you want a full set of lashes, one-hundred and twenty, C-curl and thirteen millimeters, with their new long-wearing glue."

When Cindy didn't respond immediately, Steve said, "Cindy, don't make me punish you. I really want to see your eyes like this."

Cindy was stunned by both his demand and the threat.

Stuttering a little, she told the girl what Steve had said, as if it was her own wish.

"Are you sure? That's quite a lot. We usually only do that much on girls who want a very sexy look."

Steve dictated; "Yes, that's what you want."

Cindy just nodded to the girl. She was too upset to say anything, more.

But Steve was insistent, "tell her!"

Cindy jumped a bit and repeated her line, "yes, that's what I want."

The stylist said, "OK, let me go and retrieve the new glue from our inventory, I don't have any here at my station. It's very expensive, you know. It will last at least a month."

Once she was gone, Cindy spoke out loud, "she's gone. Really?"

Steve, understanding, replied, "Yes, my love. I think you'll love the way you'll look; I know I will."

Cindy was just saying, "they'll be a pain," when the girl walked back in. She thought Cindy was talking to herself, and ignored the mumbling, as she started to sort through the packages she'd retrieved.

Two hours later, Cindy was able to examine them in the mirror the tech provided. She wasn't particularly pleased, after she'd redone her eye makeup, she thought she really looked like an over-done slut. Like a porn star, going out for a party.

And, she could feel them on her eyelids, they actually brushed up against her eyebrows when she looked up, tickling her.

Cindy emerged from the salon with her new lashes, shaking her head, and climbed into the Steve's car.

He was really pleased. "You look so sexy and beautiful!"

"I look like a slut. A Barbie Bimbo," she replied.

"Oh, you do not. You look like the girl of my dreams. The woman I love."

Cindy got a thrill from hearing that, but was still displeased with the way she looked.

"Steve, this is too much. It might be OK for a glamorous night out with the Kardashians, but I can't wear this much makeup all of the time."

"Yes, you can. For me you can, and you will."

Cindy was again surprised by his tone, and by his demand. He was frightening her, being so domineering.

"Cindy, you will, won't you?" He said, but it wasn't really a question. She didn't believe she had any option.

"I guess."

"That's my girl!" He said, happily.

They stopped for dinner at a restaurant, and Cindy again drew a lot of attention as they ate. It was more embarrassing than ever, as to her, it was now undeniable that she looked like a total slut.

When they got home, Steve was all over her. He was really turned on, and his very hard cock showed it.

She was quickly stripped of her belt and all of its accessories and they were in bed in record time. Steve was on her, and in her immediately, and he came before she did.

Afterwards, he apologized for being so quick, and explained that he was so very turned on by her gorgeous eyes, he couldn't control himself.

Cindy was underwhelmed by the whole thing, and she went into the bathroom to strip off her makeup, ready for sleep.

Steve's last comment, before he turned out the lights was, "I really do want you to wear your sexy makeup all of the time. I really do love the way you look, while you're wearing it. Perhaps we should get it tattooed on."

Cindy was definite in her response. "No, absolutely not. Now go to sleep, and don't you dare dream about permanent makeup."

Steve chuckled.

The next day at work was difficult for Cindy. She could really tell that the other women around the office were now more convinced than ever that she had gone full-on slut. Their stares, catty grins and whispered comments to each other made it obvious.

None of them even tried to be supportive and compliment her on the new lashes. She ate lunch alone in the cafeteria.

When she met with Robin for dinner, it was also tough. Robin obviously disapproved of the look.

"I suppose those were Steve's idea?" She asked.

"Yes, I hate them!" Cindy replied, shaking her head.

"Coupled with the heavy makeup, they do make you look..." Robin paused trying to find the right word.

"Like a slut," Cindy finished for her.

Robin just nodded, sadly, in agreement. She could see how upset Cindy was, so she tried her best to be at least a little supportive. "That look would be great for a sexy night out at a fancy club, though."

"Yes," Cindy said sadly, "it would, but he insists that I go around like this all of the time. At work too. And, the women there are shunning me, now, while all of the men are openly drooling over me. It's humiliating."

Cindy took a drink and continued. "All of the other things were hard enough, the collar, the nipples, the clothes, the shoes and the nails. They were all sexy and embarrassing. But I admit, I got a kick out of all of it all. They did make me horny. Almost as horny as they did Steve, but I'm not sure I can stand it much longer."

Robin thought for a minute, "Honey, then you have to tell him! You have to make him back off."

Cindy sighed, "You're right, I have to. It's all getting to be too much."

Neither of them wanted to continue on that topic, so they shifted gears and began joking about the clowns in Washington, both the ones in office and the ones vying for office. If it wasn't so disgustingly depressing, it would be hilariously funny.

They wound up in a better mood before finally saying their goodbyes and heading home.

It was late when Cindy arrived home, and Steve was still out with his poker buddies.

She went to bed alone, and didn't even notice when he crawled into bed.

In the morning there was no time for a serious talk, so Cindy got dressed, put on her makeup and grabbed a quick breakfast before heading out.

Steve was still asleep.

That night, neither of them had the energy to go out, so they ate dinner in the kitchen, and afterwards wandered out to relax in the living room.

It was then that Cindy brought up how disenchanted she was with her new appearance.

"Steve, I really don't like going around wearing all of this make-up and the eyelashes make it even worse. I feel like I look like a high-class hooker. Some type of slut. It doesn't fit in with the office, especially with the sexy dresses and high heels."

Steve sighed, "Cindy, you do not look like a slut. You look beautiful and sexy. I absolutely love the way you look. I spend all day daydreaming of you. And, I'm sure the men and the customers appreciate how you look lexxxi lockhart porn movies ."

"You're right about that, all of the guys drool all over themselves when the look at me. I'm sure that all of them want to get into my pants! I don't appreciate it!"

She shook her head, and continued, "I don't mind wearing the sexy looks for you, or when we go out for a nice dinner, but all day, all of the time is just too hard. And it's so much work to get ready every day, and keep it all looking good."

Steve looked at her speculatively, and she thought that he may just back off and get reasonable. But her hopes were crushed, when he shook his head.

"No, I love the way you look too much. I love the thought of you walking around making all of the guys crazy; all of the time knowing that they can't have you, locked up as you are in your belt."

"Hell, I also love how much work it is for you to put on and maintain your makeup. That too is a turn on for me. You've become the sex doll of my fantasies and I won't give you up."

"But Steve..."

"No, I really want you to stay as you are."

Cindy was really upset, but didn't know what else to say. She laid there next to him for twenty more minutes, marshalling her thoughts, trying to decide on another approach, that might convince him to lighten up. Something other than making demands that might bring their relationship crashing down, in flames.

Her ruminations were interrupted when the belt gave her the five-minute warning. There again she had two choices, move into bedroom to enjoy her orgasm, alone, or stay with Steve and cuddle with him as the belt did its thing and brought her off.

She decided to stick with Steve, as she did still love him, and did enjoy sex with him. She also, could see no alternative to what they had, together.

The next morning, she dressed and did her makeup, as required, and headed off to more unwanted attention at her office.

Another storm front rolled in that afternoon, so their plans for the weekend were squashed and they limited themselves to quiet endeavors around the house.

They ordered a pizza delivered, and curled up in front of the fire. After eating and consuming a large amount of wine, Steve stripped off her chastity belt and they made love right there on the floor n front of the fire. They both enjoyed themselves immensely.

Steve even allowed her to sleep in the nude, afterwards, in their big bed. Cindy found it glorious.

In the morning, though, Steve insisted that she put on her full makeup, even though they had no plans to go out. Cindy wasn't thrilled, as she had hoped for a break from that particular chore.

Again, she was faced with the choice of either wearing her favorite latex catsuit ensemble, or just staying in the chastity belt. She knew that if she wore the latex, Steve would make her wear and practice in the infernal ballet boots. Tired of the belt, she chose the latex.

It felt so good and sexy as he helped her once again don the cat suit, and insert the two plugs. They quickly got her pussy wet. The snug corset also felt sexy and good, fanning the fires of her libido. Finally, the hood was pulled over her head. They had to work carefully to get the eye-holes in place without catching her crazy long eyelashes.

Steve ignored Cindy's protests as he slid the ballet boots up her legs and laced them on.

Only then did they go out and get their breakfast. Cindy, of course had to perch on a bar stool, only partly relieving the pain in her feet and legs. She did find, though that the practice had paid off and her balance had improved, and the pain had lessened.

As soon as they finished their meal, Steve came out with the two gags. He offered her the choice and wouldn't accept 'none of the above'. Not wanting to drool all over herself, Cindy selected the penis gag.

Steve was a little disappointed as he had hoped to get a blow job, or two, with Cindy wearing the ring-gag lips, but he honored her choice and locked the penis in her mouth.

He then, grabbed her hand and started walking her around, practicing with the ballet boots.

Before long he had her walking all over without assistance.

When he noticed a break in the rain, he even insisted that she follow him outside to the large back patio where there was more room to wander.